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The Role of an Industrial Real Estate Agent

Have you ever wondered about the role of an industrial real estate agent, and what exactly he or she does for the client? Maybe you’ve wondered why industrial real estate agents still have jobs. With so much information so easily available on the internet, can’t people find their own properties when it comes to time to buy or lease? Technically, yes, but the role of an industrial real estate agent doesn’t actually begin or end with the property search.

Just as there are very good, very specialized doctors, lawyers and contractors, there are very good, very specialized industrial real estate agents. There are also general practitioners who do a bit of everything. If a specialist is what you prefer, the right industrial real estate agent should be able to provide all of the following:

  1. Accessibility: Your agent is available on very short notice.

  2. Transparency: Your agent keeps you up to date on all aspects of your transaction. He is capable quickly sharing any data. He represents your interests solely and discloses all details fully every time.

  3. Accountability: Your agent can easily show why and how every part of the transaction was right for you and why it was the best move to achieve your goals.

  4. Experience/Expertise: Your agent can show previous experience in your transaction type and repeated success for his clients.

  5. Foresight: Your agent has the foresight to ask the right questions, listen carefully and offer candid feedback on your transaction plans, goals and expectations. It serves no one to allow a transaction to move forward with a fatal flaw in the planning stages, which is why your agent needs the ability to steer a project away from trouble and towards a successful conclusion.

  6. Team player: Your agent should be an extension of you. He needs to work with you to form a team approach, keeping your goals in mind and working hard to achieve them.

It all adds up to a level of service far beyond just finding a property, and it brings the role of the industrial real estate agent into clear focus. If you’re looking for a specialist in industrial real estate, you’ve found one. Learn more about the role Miller Industrial Properties can play in your transaction. Contact us today.

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