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The Smartest First Step in Your Industrial Space Lease or Purchase

Once the decision has been made to expand or relocate a business, there’s one thing that business owners can do to dramatically improve their chances of a successful transaction. And it’s not taking a careful look at the options in the local market – or partnering with an experienced and reputable agent. Surprised?

The single best way to cover the most ground in the simplest way does involve the internet, but you should be using it to find free, no-obligation offers from those experienced and reputable agents. Here’s how.

How to Find Valuable Free Resources

Some industrial real estate brokerages make available a variety of valuable free resources. Here at Miller Industrial Properties, we have nine reports and offers that are intended to provide specific and customized information for your property needs, educate you on specifics in the lease or purchase process, or share facts and information about the industrial real estate market in northern Nevada. These include:

  1. Our free property recap gets you a detailed report that outlines potentially suitable properties in your area, with specifics including the property type and location, square footage, base rent, NNN feeds, column space, eave heights, expansion potential, electrical capacity, docks and fire sprinkler capacities, plus notes and photos.

  2. The six fatal errors most buyers make in the warehouse lease process – and how you can avoid them.

  3. Tips for navigating the leasing or buying process so you can streamline and facilitate the acquisition.

  4. And many more, all available on our Resources page, along with northern Nevada market reports and other useful information.

There is no cost for any of this information, and it will make you a better industrial real estate lessee or buyer. Save time and money – start by educating yourself and seeing what your local market has to offer before making any decisions about who you want to work with. It’s the smartest first move you can can make.

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