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The Technology Advantage for Industrial Real Estate Agencies and Their Clients

Sticking a sign in the window and throwing up some photocopied fliers are a thing of the very distant past for today’s industrial real estate firms. The market has changed, and the most successful of the real estate firms have likewise evolved. Still, there remains a distinction between resigning yourself to the technology age and embracing it. Wondering into which category your firm falls? Here’s how to tell.

1.      The Company Website

A website is a necessity in this day and age. People expect to be able to not only quickly find a company website easily, but also specific information. Standards are high, too. Websites that are slow, confusing, lacking in pertinent details, even unappealing aesthetically are a risk. Your site visitor (and potential prospect or customer) may be turned off before your site has a chance to do anything. This doesn’t mean you should be fooled by slick, animated sites that are all glitz and no substance. A clean, functional website that is as easy to navigate as it is aesthetically pleasing speaks volumes about the agency it represents.

Remember, if an agency is representing your property or you’re searching for something to suit your needs, you want that information easily accessible. Here’s a quick test: does it take you longer than 15 seconds  to locate your property or one that fits your criteria? If so, you have the wrong agency. If you’re actively looking and you can’t find it, assume one else will spend more time looking.

2.      Professional Videos

For the property owner or landlord, high quality video is critical. An industrial real estate firm that understands the importance and value of professionally shot video is one that clearly understands its target market. And that’s a direct benefit to you whether you’re buying or selling.

3.      Useful Apps and Website Features

Interactive chat on the website and QR (quick response) codes on videos and real estate signs that link to relevant sales materials satisfy a prospect’s need for immediate answers or assistance. They’re another way of opening and encouraging dialogue with potential clients – and that’s important.

There are many industrial real estate firms, especially in a market like northern Nevada. For the best service, look for one that will use the techniques we’ve listed here. The goal is to put your property in front of a web-savvy buyer or tenant. And for that, you need a company that has embraced the technology age with open arms.

Learn more about how Miller Industrial Property uses technology to the best advantage of our clients by calling us today. We’ll be happy to expand on our services.


Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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