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The Technology Advantage in Industrial Real Estate

Here in northern Nevada and around the country,

industrial real estate firms have evolved tremendously from the days of putting a sign in the window and photocopying some fliers. As the market has changed, the most successful real estate firms have adapted to stay relevant and competitive. But there’s a big difference between feeling forced to adopt technology advances, and choosing to embrace them. How can you tell which is which? Here’s how to know if an industrial real estate firm is using the technology advantage to directly benefit their clients (and not just because it’s expected).

1.      A Functional, Responsive Website

A website is a necessity these days, as the internet is where people automatically turn whenever they want or need something. That includes industrial real estate. As people become savvier about websites, issues like poor functionality, inadequate information, mobile incompatibility, slow loading times, or a number of other turn-offs increase the likelihood of a high bounce rate. Do not be fooled by slick, animated sites that may be compelling to admire for a minute, but offer little in the way of substance. Here’s a test: if you spend more than 15 seconds trying to locate your property or one that suits your needs, you likely have the wrong agency. Be clear – no one else will spend more time than you looking, either. While social media icons – Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter, for example – should be standard, these accounts are truly just the tip of the iceberg.

2.      Professional Video

For the property owner or landlord, video is critical. But quality is key. Sloppy, second-rate video will actually do more harm than good, and industrial real estate firms should not be cutting corners here. It’s a common market tell – the industrial real estate firm that understands the importance and value of professionally shot video also understands its target market.

3.      Useful, Intuitive Apps

Helpful apps and features like interactive chat on a website or QR (quick response) codes on videos and real estate signs (linking to relevant sales materials) are an easy way to satisfy a prospect’s need for immediate answers or assistance. They serve as another way of opening and encouraging dialogue with potential clients, while also making pertinent information easily accessible.

There are many industrial real estate firms in northern Nevada, but for the best service, try to find a firm that uses the techniques above to put your property in front of the web-savvy tenant or buyer. That describes most people these days, and this kind of technology advantage truly is in your best interest.

Let us show you how Miller Industrial Property uses relevant technology to the best advantage of our clients. Call today, and we’ll be happy to elaborate on our many services.

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