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The Value of a CCIM Designation for the Real Estate Agent – And His Clients

In October of this year, Tom Miller of Miller Industrial Properties earned his CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation from the CCIM Institute. For him, the value is clear – the CCIM program is considered the industry’s benchmark for education. This status makes Tom a recognized expert in the disciples of commercial and investment real estate, a “Ph.D. of commercial real estate,” as the Institute describes it. But what does this mean to his current and future clients?

To earn his designation, Tom was required to complete a comprehensive curriculum that included financial analysis, market analysis, lease analysis and investment analysis for commercial investment real estate. Following his course work, he was required to submit a resume showing the scope of his experience in the commercial investment field. Finally, he had to successfully complete a series of comprehensive examinations to prove his understanding of the curriculum. Together, the process is designed to ensure that CCIMs are proficient in theory and

practice. And that means that Tom’s current and future clients have a truly invaluable resource.

It’s estimated that of the more than 150,000 commercial real estate professionals in the nation, just roughly six percent hold the CCIM designation. Current and future clients of Tom’s will enjoy the benefit of his proven experience and knowledge, which translates to the most successful outcome for their respective commercial real estate transactions.

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Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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