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The Value of Securing Accurate Industrial Real Estate Data

The ability to accurately forecast the industrial real estate market is a huge advantage to tenants, owners and property investors alike. And the only way to begin is with the right data. This is the quantitative and qualitative information that helps industrial real estate professionals make thoughtful decisions about next steps. The hard part, of course, is in making sense of the data. Even for those in the industry – tenants, owners, investors – the safest and most strategic move is finding someone who doesn’t just have access to this information, but has a hand in generating it.

Partnering with the Brokerage Producing the Data

Different players in the industry focus on different details. Tenants understand the importance of pricing and square-foot rents.  Owners recognize that value relates to factors like  negotiated rents, comparable sales and replacement values. Investors know that their business relies on the values and returns of their property. And for all three, data has a huge impact on decision making.

Certainly the information is available for purchase. But then what? The savvy industrial real estate player takes it a step further – finding the information at its source. By partnering with the brokerage producing the data, you can accomplish several things all at once.

  1. Receive a well-rounded, interpretive analysis from the past, as well as forecasts for the future.

  2. Enjoy the benefits of experience that will help you navigate risk management, portfolio management and property asset management with precise analytic applications.

  3. Benefit from the agent’s local market expertise and contacts.

  4. Effectively manage risk thanks to the help of someone who assesses trends globally and keeps you current on any potential occurrences that might directly affect your property.

Data Generation at Miller Industrial Properties

Miller Industrial Properties maintains comprehensive, up-t0-the-minute market data. And we’re happy to show you how accurate data can make a dramatic difference for you. Contact us today.


Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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