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Three Reasons an Industrial Agent is a Better Option than DIYing the Process

There are times when doing something yourself seems like the fastest, easiest, or least expensive option. And while that may be true for painting a room or tending to a landscape, it’s not the best strategy when it comes to making industrial real estate decisions. It’s a specialized field, and you deserve the insight and guidance of an experienced industrial real estate agent – full stop. Just as you’d consult an attorney for legal matters, or a doctor for medical issues, so too should you turn to an industrial real estate agent for matters relating to buying, leasing, or selling industrial property. Here are three reasons an industrial agent is always a better option that trying to DIY the industrial real estate process.

1. Experienced Advice based on Credible Market Insight

If you’re leasing or buying commercial property, there is simply no substitute for need accurate, current market transaction knowledge. Here at Miller Industrial Properties, we make that information available quarterly, at no charge. But the real value comes in being able to parse the information in a way that benefits you and your business. An experienced agent can not only provide that data, he or she can also offer objective advice based on years of experience and the current market.

2. A Broader Network

Experienced real estate professionals know their market, and that includes what’s available right now – and what’s about to available in the near future. You may feel like you’re seeing all of your options simply by driving around in your desired neighborhood or looking online, but that’s only part of the picture. Take advantage of the landlord’s network, which is extensive.

3. A Valuable Advocate

While points one and two are inarguably beneficial, the best reason to work with a professional agent is the advocacy he or she will do on your behalf. It’s an agent’s sole duty during a commercial property transaction. Not only is it required by law, it’s a level of direct service provided to you. Without explicit agreement otherwise, a real estate agent cannot maintain shared commitments between landlords and buyers/lessees. And that makes sense – you’re much better off with an agent who represents your interests alone.

There are plenty of instances when doing it yourself pays off, but commercial real estate transactions are not one of them. Hiring a professional to represent you will save time, money, and aggravation. Remember too, that the services of a real estate agent are free. There truly is no downside. Contact our team today for answers to your industrial real estate questions here in northern Nevada.


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