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Three Skills that Matter in Your Industrial Real Estate Agent

While it’s obvious that expert representation is a better option than inexpert representation when it comes to industrial real estate, have you given any thought to what makes an expert agent so expert? There are many, but here are three skills that matter in your industrial real estate agent.

Skills that Matter: Market Knowledge

We maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date database of all industrial properties in northern Nevada. We know what’s on the market, what’s recently sold, and what’s up for grabs. We can show you all the appropriate properties that suit your specific needs, and that includes assets both on the market and soon to be available.

We’re so confident in our market knowledge that we offer a free property recap. This free report is generated in fewer than 24 hours and outlines all the area properties that fit your list of criteria.

Skills that Matter: Time Management

The beauty of an agent skilled in time management is the freedom it affords you. We understand that you’re busy, and we’re happy to do the busy work on your behalf.

Let us preview potential spaces, get answers to your questions, assemble all the important information and set up tours that suit your schedule. We’ll also address issues specific to your business, from environmental considerations to licensing, permitting and financing.

Skills that Matter: Experience

Miller Industrial Properties has been working with companies in Reno, Sparks and across northern Nevada since 1993. For fifteen years prior, we built local industrial developments for clients relocating to or expanding in our market.

We have a lengthy track record in industrial real estate transactions of all sizes and kinds, and even a quick discussion will quickly reveal our experience. From CCIM designations to hundreds of transactions to its name, Miller Industrial Properties has the experience for your industrial real estate transaction.

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