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What You Need to Know about Reno’s Industrial Sector

If you are considering relocating from

out of state, navigating the various industrial markets of northern Nevada can be overwhelming at first. Here’s what you need to know about Reno’s industrial sector if you’re looking at property here in northern Nevada.

Reno Industrial

When we talk about “Reno Industrial,” we’re actually referring to areas that are, for the most part, geographically located outside of the city limits. Although these sub-markets appear widespread on a map, most of them are within a half-hour drive from Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

At Miller Industrial Properties, we have broken up the northern Nevada industrial region into 14 submarkets to better manage the industrial landscape. Please refer to our northern Nevada industrial subdivision map for comprehensive descriptions of each area.

Here are the three largest industrial submarkets you need to understand if you are relocating your business:

  1. Sparks – West Sparks has a decent number of vacant class “B” locations. East Sparks is similar with the addition of some class “A” properties (excellent condition) and a better infrastructure. These areas both offer some rail service and have low lying, flood-prone areas. Property and building sizes vary.

  2. North Valleys – Five to ten minutes north of Interstate 80 and Interstate 580 (US 395) interchange, this region has an excellent nearby labor pool. There are several existing locations available (mostly big box sized) and a few developable sites.

  3. I-80 East Corridor – This region includes the rail-served Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (the largest industrial park in the world), which is home to the Tesla Gigafactory and several large big-box, class “A” occupants. This park is located 20 minutes east of Reno/Sparks. There is ample land available for development; however, there is a lack of local labor.

If you keep going east about 15 minutes you will reach Fernley, which is comprised of a mixed-use industrial area from class “A” big-box to general commercial use. Fernley is a rail-served area with excellent access to local labor. There is also land available for development.

Each sub-market has a specific supply of industrial real estate, and it can be difficult to determine which region will work best for your company’s particular needs without hiring a local real estate professional. Please reach out to one of our agents to assist you with your search and for help narrowing down the options.

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