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Will My Lease Rates Go Up If I Use an Industrial Real Estate Agent?

No. This is a question that comes up now and again, but let us reassure you – your lease rates will not go up if you use an industrial real estate agent. In fact, using an experienced agent likely means securing a much better rate than you might be able to negotiate on your own. Here’s why.

Leveling the Field

Using an agent is a savvy move simply because it levels the playing field. When an agent is negotiating on your behalf, both parties are in the industry. The landlord has his own agent, and when you have an agent of your own, you directly benefit from his experience and expertise. This is true whether you’re looking to lease or to buy. Having someone in your corner means enjoying perks like:

  1. Skilled negotiation that ensure a competitive atmosphere designed to benefit you

  2. Someone to negotiate renewal rates and time periods in the lease term that have less, or even no, base rent

  3. Someone to negotiate reduced base rent and capped or limited operating costs

  4. Someone who can add or subtract lease terms that can significantly reduce costs and better suit your needs

  5. Someone to streamline and expedite the entire process from start to finish

But What Does it Cost?

These are obvious benefits, and you may be wondering what it will cost to enjoy them. The answer is nothing. In most cases, your agent’s fee will be paid by the landlord as part of what he pays to his own agent.

What about the concern that an industrial real estate agent might slow down or somehow interfere in the process during the property search? What if you think you can handle the property search better on your own? In those instances, we hope you’ll take a moment to read the following:

But don’t proceed without asking yourself this. Do you feel comfortable and secure negotiating directly with an experienced landlord and his agent? Or would you feel comprehensively served using a professional, experienced industrial agent – someone who handles transactions just like yours for a living? The truth is, you have nothing to learn by letting an expert take the reins – and everything to gain.


Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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