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Do National Franchised Industrial Real Estate Agencies Provide Better Service in a Market like North

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In many cases, this will lead the client to a solution that serves him or her well, though it many not result in a big sale for our agency. Yet we still that consider it one of our hallmark successes. The difference between a national, franchised firm and a local firm like us here in northern Nevada is that it’s not about sales numbers for us – it’s about finding our client the best solution for their needs. That will always be our goal, over and above how many listings we have or what our closing numbers are. It’s how we count our success stories.

Brian Fagan, president of Selective Real Estate Investments, puts it like this: “There are few professionals that actually ‘go the extra mile.’ After bringing two of our industrial assets totaling over 750,000 sf to 100% occupancy, Tom Miller of Miller Industrial Properties did not just collect a commission check and move on. He continues to keep us informed of the Reno/Sparks market as well as broader industrial market trends. Overall, looking out for a client’s best interests is his top priority.”

So how do you choose which agency is best for your company? It’s simple, really. Just consider where your personal needs will be best served. And once you’ve made your decision, be sure to ask your potential new agent these three critical questions.

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