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Five Reasons Industrial Real Estate is a Strategic Investment

With a new year comes new opportunity. If increasing the scope and value of your portfolio is on this year’s to-do list, investing in industrial real estate is worth considering. There can be surprising benefits to owning properties designed for production and warehousing – including the decided lack of some of the most headache-inducing parts of owning residential real estate. Here are five reasons industrial real estate is often a strategic investment.

Five Advantages to Industrial Real Estate Investment

1. Price and availability of industrial opportunities lead the pack. Prices in this sector of real estate tend to be largely stable, but nearly every market will have its share of competitively priced properties.

2. Strong returns are another selling point. While residential and commercial properties often require pricy upgrades at least once every ten years, industrial real – particularly newer properties – tend to require less maintenance and infrastructure upgrades.

3. Lower vacancy costs make industrial properties particularly appealing. Unlike commercial spaces, industrial properties tend to cost much less to maintain when they’re empty.

4. Better liquidity and faster sales times are another feature of industrial real estate. Savvy investors know the market has its benefits, and properties don’t tend to sit for too long.

5. Flexibility means industrial properties can be modified to suit a range of industries. Even in a slow market, that’s a big selling point.

The Takeaway

While this is clearly just an overview of the benefits of investing in industrial real estate, the professionals here at Miller Industrial Properties in northern Nevada can offer a much more in-depth analysis. If you’re considering industrial real estate, northern Nevada is a particularly attractive market. Contact us today to learn more.

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