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How to Find an Industrial Real Estate Agent Across the Country

Let’s say your business is expanding to a market that will help you take advantage of a business-friendly environment, skilled workforce and strategic location. We’re talking about

northern Nevada, but regardless of where you’re heading, this is clearly a time for the guidance and expertise of a qualified – and local – industrial real estate agent. It can be challenging finding the right agent under the best circumstances, but that challenge is greater outside your own turf. Read on for our tips to help you find an industrial real estate agent across the country.

Start your Search Online

To quickly determine which agencies are visible online, try searching specific real estate – industrial, investment, retail, etc. – together with the city or region name. Spend some time browsing the sites that show up, and make a few notes:

  1. First impressions

  2. Function and relevance

  3. Ease of navigation

  4. Answers to your questions

Make sure to visit the featured listings section, determine whether the firm’s specialty is easily recognized, and take advantage of any valuable content – free reports, guides, etc. – made available. If there’s a blog, check out the frequency and quality of the posts. Consistent blogging is an effective way of improving a website’s visibility, so an updated blog is a great sign.

Search For Firms that Will Put Your Interests First

And not your future landlord’s. Generally, landlords partner with nationally franchised firms for representation, which means those agencies and the agents working for them are contractually obligated to advocate for their client – the landlord.

When you’re looking to lease or buy, avoid the firms that back the landlords and opt for an agency that isn’t a landlord agent. It’s also worth educating yourself on the misconception that national franchised industrial real estate firms provide better service, particularly in a market like northern Nevada.

Speak to Agents Directly

Phone numbers should be easy to find on those agency websites, so pick up the phone and make a few calls. You should expect easy access to an agent, so take the opportunity to ask specifics about the local market. Scheduling interviews if you’ll be in the area is another smart move. But either way, take note of whether your prospective agent is providing detailed answers, listening attentively, exhibiting an interest in working with you, and offering specifics about how he or she has the experience to help you.

Finding the right industrial real estate agent in a new market may be difficult, but it can be done. The challenge lies in finding not just any agent, but the right agent. Follow the steps outlined here, and you should be able to narrow your options to the most experienced agents in your new market. And if northern Nevada is your destination, we’d be pleased to assist you.



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