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Major Expansion of National Food Manufacturing Company Set for Northern Nevada

Major Expansion of National Food Manufacturing Company Set for Northern Nevada

After a two-year search across four states, northern Nevada has become the new home of a major food manufacturing company. Carole Brill of Miller Industrial Properties closed the sale of 11500 Production Drive in Stead, along with two adjacent parcels, for a total of 22 acres to be used as the newest manufacturing facility of this national company, which wishes to remain anonymous at this stage.

The Georgia-based company contacted Brill for assistance with a small storage space needed for overflow distribution. During this process, Brill took the opportunity to highlight the many advantages of conducting business in Nevada, particularly in comparison to the other states the company was considering. Brill presented suitable properties for lease and sale while touting the many benefits of operating a business in the region, and the 24-month process culminated with the purchase on Production Drive.

To date, the company maintains five manufacturing facilities and twenty-two distribution facilities nationwide. Plans have been made to close an existing California facility and move all existing production to the new plant in Stead. Thanks to advantageous cost and growth opportunities in the region, the company is also considering producing new product lines at the Stead plant.

The sale of the 95,200 square foot property concluded July 3, and further information will be made available as the company proceeds with plans to open the facility.

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