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Tapping Tom Miller for Insight into Northern Nevada’s Industrial Warehouse Boom

Tom Miller, president of Miller Industrial Properties, shared his perspective and insight yesterday with the Reno-Gazette Journal for an article covering the surge of industrial warehouse deals in the local market. The story, “Industrial Warehouse Deals Aid Market in Northern Nevada,” elaborated on the millions of industrial and manufacturing square footage that has been filled locally since spring. It’s a welcome change from the recession period that saw area businesses downsizing or closing altogether.

Broker Tom Miller was one of two sources to share observations about the driving forces behind the current market trends and what the local market might expect in the days and months to come. The article also mentioned the local market’s four largest deals in the second quarter, which includes UTi/Starbucks, a transaction Tom negotiated, and the impending northern Nevada arrival of national food manufacturer Ole Mexican Foods. Carole Brill of Miller Industrial closed the sale on the company’s new home in Stead after it spent two years researching the feasibility of four different states.

Read the full article here, and learn more about the role Miller Industrial Properties has played in finding and negotiating industrial and commercial property transactions in the northern Nevada market by contacting us today. For more information about recent transactions negotiated by Miller Industrial, follow the links below:

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