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The Range Hood Store Expands to West Coast via Northern Nevada

One Friday less than six weeks ago,

Z Line Industries, which operates as The Range Hood Store, contacted Miller Industrial Properties in search of appropriate northern Nevada property. The firm, which supplies an extensive line of stainless steel kitchen range hoods, wished to expand its distribution base to the West Coast in an effort to better serve its customers west of the Rockies. Z Line called Miller Industrial on a Friday afternoon, received a custom property recap report the same day and flew in from Ohio to tour sites that Sunday and Monday. “One of the most impressive things about working with [Miller Industrial Properties] was [their] ability to bring all of the options together in the one booklet so it was easier to grasp it all and make sense of it,” said Range Hood Store owner Andy Zuro.

Z Line launched operations at 984 East Greg Street in Sparks, Nevada, forty-one days after their initial visit. In this case, Friday the thirteenth is a lucky day after all.

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Miller Industrial Properties, Sparks, Reno, Nevada
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