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True or False? Industrial Real Estate Agents Only Show Their Own Listings

This is part of our ongoing series that debunks commercial real estate myths.

Myth #5: “Hiring an agent for my commercial real estate deal will just limit me – everyone knows industrial property agents only show their own listings.”

This myth is dead wrong, but there’s actually only one reason why – and it makes perfect senses when you think it through. All agents want to make a commission. Period. There is no debate over this fact. When a prospect and an agent team up to find a real estate solution, there is a significant amount (or at least there should be) of time and effort the agent puts forth in proper due diligence, which is included but not limited to:

  1. Locating all potential locations that meet the client’s needs and assembling them into an easily understood format

  2. Assisting in the vetting process, gaining additional data, setting a property tour and touring the properties

  3. Assisting in developing the short list and obtaining landlord pricing and terms to meet the client’s needs

  4. Analyzing this returned information and presenting it in an easy to understand format

  5. Assisting with the lease draft and helping negotiate the lease points

  6. And the list goes on and on

Hopefully, completing these tasks successfully leads to some sort of a payday for the agent.

Real estate services are one of the few industries in which a professional engages his expertise, experience, his office staff and resources, his time, effort and his own money to serve your needs in the HOPES he can earn a fee. He has no guarantees. And this means he wants to be in a position to maximize his chances for success, which translates directly to exposing you, the client, to every potential real estate solution that is available. To do anything less is to jeopardize his chance to make his fees. And that simply won’t happen.

Have a commercial real estate question? Post your question in the comments and we’ll answer it with a post on our blog. And if you’re considering the northern Nevada market and want to explore our local industrial real estate options, browse our many current listings via our homepage.

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